Savant Announces Apple-based Coffee Table Surface Product

Posted on September 10, 2007

Rosie Coffee Table

It wasn't too long ago that we first heard of Microsoft's surface computing technology. Now a company called Savant claims to offer a similar coffee table based workspace that works with Apple products including iTunes. According to the press release about the Rosie Coffee Table (pictured above) it also handles mutlimedia content and works with digital cameras and other gadgets. Savant Systems LLC says this is the first Apple-based coffee table surface product.

Victor Saverino, director of product management at Savant says in a statement, "The ROSIE Coffee Table brings the converged functionality of a touch panel to an interactive surface technology that is practical on the one hand, entertaining and exciting to use on the other. The ROSIE Coffee Table is truly the evolution of interactive technology-it can seamlessly download photos from digital cameras, play music, movies, and TV shows as well as accomplish complete home control all from within one elegant forty-inch interface."

It looks very interesting. We have no idea what the costs are going to be for these computerized coffee tables. The company also said they will "offer the Rosie Coffee Table in a number of different furniture styles ranging from contemporary to traditional."

Gizmodo says that the Rosie Coffee Table "is Apple Surface" but they also note the lack of hardware specifications. There wasn't much detail made avialable in Savant's brief press release.

Photo: Savant Systems

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