Steve Jobs Discusses Flash at D8 Conference

Posted on June 4, 2010

Apple LogoCNN reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs reiterated his disdain for Flash technology at the D8 conference. Jobs says Apple, which recently passed Microsoft in market capitalization, has limited resources, so they have to be careful which horses they decide to ride.
"Apple is a company that doesn't have the most resources of everybody in the world. The way we have succeeded is by choosing which horses to ride very carefully."

He said that in the drive to make truly great products as opposed to merely OK ones, sometimes you can't tackle absolutely everything; "we didn't start off to have a war with Flash. We just made a technical decision."

With Flash in particular, the Apple CEO portrayed the technology as having "had its day," and that since technology tends to go in cycles, "we look for tech that has a future and is headed up."
This arguments are pretty similar to the arguments Steve Jobs has made in the past. Adobe likely strongly disagrees with Jobs that Flash has "had its day." Major media/entertainment companies including Time Warner and NBC have decided to stick with Flash despite Steve Jobs' complaints.
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