Yahoo Acquires Blink, a Self-Destructing Text Messaging App

Posted on May 13, 2014

Yahoo has acquired Blink, an app from Meh Labs for sending self-destructing text messages. Meh Lab was founded by former Google employees Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan. The app also lets users send self-destructing audio, video, photos and more. A timer starts counting down to when the message will expire when the receiver opens it. The Blink team announced the acquisition on its blog.

"We're excited to announce that as of May 13, 2014 Blink is joining Yahoo! We built Blink because we believe everyone should be free to show the same honesty and spontaneity in their online conversations as they can in person. We look forward to the possibilities that will come from bringing the Blink vision to Yahoo."

TechCrunch reports that the 7-member Blink team is joining Yahoo. Venture Beat says the app will go away now that Yahoo owns it and that Yahoo has not revealed its plans for the technology. The app competes with Snapchat, Criptext, Wickr and Facebook's Poke app.

BBC News says Yahoo has now acquired at least 40 companies since Marissa Mayer became CEO.

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