Facebook and Instragram Down on March 5

Posted on March 5, 2024

People are having major problems trying to view or login to Facebook or Instagram this morning on March 5, 2024. Some are seeing session expired issues.

The status on Downdetector for Facebook shows a massive red spike that started around 8:50 am EST.

CNBC says some people are able to login to Instagram. The outage seems even worse for Facebook and its Threads service. CNBC notes that the last major outage for Meta was in 2021.

As the hosts of Fox 26 Houston note, many people are going to X (formerly Twitter) to find out what the deal is. Facebook and Instagram are trending currently on X. Nobody knows yet but it is probably some glitch at Meta, which is aware of the ongoing problem. Meta will likely fix it later today but it won't be a fun day for people who rely on Facebook or Instagram.

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