LinkedIn Testing Short-form Videos

Posted on March 29, 2024

LinkedIn is testing short-form videos that users could post. It seems like a logical addition for a social network service, even for a business-oriented one. There may also be a big opportunity if TikTok runs into serious legal problems.

LinkedIn told Techcrunch that the feature is in early testing and not open to everyone.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn says videos are becoming one of its users’ desired formats for learning from professionals and experts, which is why it’s testing a new way for users to discover relevant videos. The feature is in early testing, so most people won’t have access to it just yet.

A LinkedIn spokesperson also confirmed to Axios that they are testing "testing new ways to help members more easily discover timely, relevant videos to watch.

TheStreet writes, "LinkedIn’s approach for short-form video is focused on the professional world, with careers front and center."

Don't expect to find nearly as many trendy dance videos on LinkedIn but users might find videos useful to industry professionals seeking to absorb new information.

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