Google Introduces New CAPTCHA Test

Google has introduced a new type of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) test to see if users are humans or bots. Google's previous test, called reCAPTCHA, can be annoying because the letters and numbers can be difficult for humans to read. Often people have to reload the CAPTCHA box numerous times until they can identify the letter or numbers. This can get very frustrating. Read more... December 4, 2014

Google Uses Camels to Capture Arabian Desert on Street View

Crossing the Arabian desert is not something most of us will ever do. However, you can now see it on Google Maps. The new Google Maps feature lets users explore the Liwa Desert. Read more... October 11, 2014

HP to Split Into Two Companies in 2015

HP has announced plans to split itself into two separate companies in 2015. The two companies will be named Hewlett-Packard Enterprises and HP Inc. The company expects the split will be completed by November 2015, over a year from now. Read more... October 6, 2014

Google Launches Domain Name Service

Google is entering the domain name business with a new service, Google Domains. Some of the features offered with the service include domain forwarding, branded emails, customizable sub-domains and website building through third-party providers. Read more... July 7, 2014

Man Fakes a Murder Scene for Google Street View

A man created a fake murder scene for Google Street View. BBC News reports that the staged murder scene was created on Edinburgh street by the owner a mechanic's garage. The man pretended to be dead on the street while his colleague stood over him with a pix axe handle as if he had just murdered him. Read more... June 4, 2014

Giphy, a GIF Search Engine, Raises $2.4 Million in Financing

Giphy, a search engine for GIFs, has raised $2.4 million in a Series A round of funding. Giphy doesn't say how much they raised in a blog post, but TechCrunch says it was $2.4 million. Read more... June 2, 2014

Israeli Company Develops Pocket-sized Molecular Sensor

An Israeli company has developed a pocket-sized molecular sensor, called Scio, that can be used to identify objects. The data is sent to your smartphone. Scio is currently a Kickstarter project that is well over its $200,000 goal. They have raised $1.6 million. Read more... May 18, 2014

Yahoo Acquires Blink, a Self-Destructing Text Messaging App

Yahoo has acquired Blink, an app from Meh Labs for sending self-destructing text messages. Meh Lab was founded by former Google employees Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan. The app also lets users send self-destructing audio, video, photos and more. A timer starts counting down to when the message will expire when the receiver opens it. The Blink team announced the acquisition on its blog. Read more... May 13, 2014

Centr Camera Captures 360 Degree HD Video on Pocket-Sized Device

The Centr Camera captures panoramic video on a pocket-sized device. The camera is circular shaped and has a hole in the middle. The hole enables the camera to be held without its cameras being blocked. The camera weighs 250g (9oz). It can capture 360 degree video with up to 4K panoramic resolution. The camera stitches videos together from four independent HD image sensors. You can view some still panoramic images created with Centr here. Read more... May 5, 2014

AOL Warns of Unauthorized Access to AOL Accounts

AOL has warned of unauthorized access to a significant number of AOL accounts. The company warned previously of a huge spam increase as the result of spoofed emails. The company is now warning that accounts were comprised as well. The company says encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions were among the data taken in the breach. Read more... May 1, 2014

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