Reddit Disables Start Chatting Shortly After Launch

Posted on May 1, 2020

Reddit has disabled its Start Chatting feature shortly after launching the new online chat offering. An outcry from Reddit moderators is part of the reason for the sudden pullback according to Engadget.

Reddit said in a statement, "Reddit'’s users, moderators and communities are at the core of every product decision we make, and our intention in rolling out 'Start Chatting' was to give Redditors a new avenue to connect with each other during these difficult times. Given the issues and concerns expressed by our users and moderators throughout the last 24 hours, we’ve made the decision to disable Start Chatting so we can reassess our rollout plan and evolve the product to meet the needs of our community."

Chat rooms have been notoriously hard to monitor throughout the history of the Internet. They can also quickly fall victim to scammers and trolls. Reddit has had amazing success with its moderated discussion forums. However, chat rooms are on another level of difficulty and some Reddit moderators were concerned.

Chat rooms also tend to have few users making them difficult to monetize.

Engadget says Reddit has not said whether or not Start Chatting will return.

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