Internet News

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Will Arrive July 29 (June 1, 2015): Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be available starting July 29. It features a personal digital assistant and a new browser.

Google Launches Domain Name Service (July 7, 2014): Google has launched a domain name service called Google Domains. It is currently in invite-only mode.

China's Web Junkies Recover in Boot Camps (February 22, 2014): China's web junkies recover in tough-looking boot camp like recovery facilities.

SplashDate Unveils Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2013 (January 22, 2014): SplashData has unveiled its list of the 25 worst passwords of 2013. 123456 was the worst password, followed by using password as your password.

Google Launches Hummingbird Algorithm and Celebrates 15th Birthday (September 27, 2013): Google is celebrating its fifteenth birthday. It has also launched a new Hummingbird algorithm this week. Hummingbird actually went into effect a month ago.

3% of Americans Still Using Dial-up Connections (August 24, 2013): 3% of Americans are still using dial-up connections.

Google Launches Giant Balloons That Beam Internet to Homes (June 15, 2013): Google is testing giant balloons that beam the Internet to homeowners in remote locations.

CERN to Recreate First Webpage (April 30, 2013): CERN has launched a project to recreate the very first webpage. This includes recreating the hardware and software used to make the first website.

Another Use for the Internet: Identifying Dead Bodies (March 9, 2013): The Cook County morgue in Chicago has found a new use for the Internet.

VeriSign Admits it Was Hacked in SEC Filing (February 2, 2012): Reuters is reporting that VeriSign revealed it was hacked in an SEC filing.

Senator Marc Rubio Withdraws Support for PIPA (January 18, 2012): Senator Marc Rubio posted on Facebook that he has withdrawn his support for PIPA, an Internet censorship bill.

Survey Finds Centenarians Use Email, Google and Online Dating (August 11, 2008): The third annual Evercare 100@100 Survey polled 100 centenarians.

Web Humor: Baby's First Internet (August 5, 2008): Baby's First Internet by Kevin Fanning and Kean Soo provides a hilarious look at some of the trends, habits and absurdities of today's online culture.

Poll Finds People Will Spend More Time Online If Writers Strike Continues (November 15, 2007): A new poll from Pepperdine University has found that the vast majority of Americans support the writers in the WGA vs. Could Fetch $300 to $400 Million (June 23, 2007): The Wall Street Journal reports that Jake Winebaum and Sky Dayton who bought business.

Adobe Planning Hosted Online Version of Photoshop (April 9, 2007): Adobe is going to take Photoshop online according to a CNET news story.

Silver Haired Surfers (February 22, 2007): Telegraph.

The Next Big Thing: Virtual World Browser? (October 25, 2006): An interesting article in TCS Daily says the next big thing may actually be the old idea of a virtual world.

Study Finds Microsoft is Leading Internet Company Worldwide (May 18, 2006): If you had to name the dominate Internet leader you would think Google right? A new study from ComScore says Microsoft not Google is the top worldwide media company.

Nearly 700 Million Internet Users Worldwide (May 8, 2006): comScore has announced the launch of the World Metrix, which provides an estimate of the world's Internet users.