Blue Frog Robotics Launches Buddy Robot on Indiegogo

Posted on July 19, 2015

Blue Frog Robotics recently launched its Buddy robot on Indiegogo. The campaign has already been a success and has soared passed the initial $100,000 funding goal. It is described as a modular robot that can be expanded with new accessories.

Buddy is a multipurpose robot that can be a personal assistant or security robot. It can also act as a playmate for your kids. A plege of $649 is currently needed to get one of the Buddy robots.

The robot has an embedded 8-inch tablet so it can generate digital facial expressions. It is also equipped with a camera, speakers, range finder sensor, thermal sensor, speakers, batteries, driving motors and additional sensors for avoiding objects when it is moving on its little wheels.

Here is a video showing Buddy as a companion robot for a family. It wakes up the kids, manages schedules, reads messages, suggests recipes, plays music and more. It patrols the home while the family is away. He can send alerts about unusual activity and turn off the oven or lights the family forgot to turn off. Buddy can also act as the family photographer. Take a look:

The Indiegogo campaign was a success and Buddy now has its own website at The robot also went on to win a 2018 CES Innovation Award. The website describes Buddy's features that include elder care, smart home security, facial recognition, acting as a personal assistant and more.

Here is a list of some of the robot's features:

Buddy is billed as "The Emotional Robot" by Blue Frog, which was spun-off from the CRIIF Robotics Lab. The company was founded by its executive director Rodolphe Hasselvander. The company's goal is to "design and develop robots that are accessible to everyone and help people live easier and safer, and have fun."

Image: Blue Frog Robotics

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