Robot News

Sony Unveils Sony Airpeak at CES 2021 (February 7, 2021): Sony unveils its new Sony Airpeak technology at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Blue Frog Robotics Launches Buddy Robot on Indiegogo (July 19, 2015): Blue Frog Robotics has launched its adorable companion Buddy robot on Indiegogo. The robot has many features. It can be a personal assistant, playmate or security robot.

Rethink Robotics Unveils One Armed Robot Named Sawyer (March 30, 2015): Rethink Robotics, the company behind Baxer, has launched its new one armed Sawyer robot.

Google to Buy Titan Aerospace (April 15, 2014): Google is going to buy Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of drones.

Stephen Colbert Reveals Plan to Defeat Google's New Military Robots (January 2, 2014): Stephen Colbert has revealed a plan to fight back against Google's new military robotics division.

iRobot Announces $30 Million Army Contract (July 11, 2013): iRobot announced it has been awarded a $30 million Army contract. One of its tops military robots is the iRobot PackBot

iRobot and Cisco Launch Ava 500 Video Collaboration Robot (June 20, 2013): iRobot and Cisco have partnered to launch the Avo 500 video collaboration robot, a new telepresence robot.

Amazon Acquires Kiva Systems for $775 Million (March 25, 2012): Amazon.

Video: Robots Falling Down at the Robocup (February 25, 2012): Building robots that can maintain there balance on two legs is no easy feat.

Cornell Creative Machines Lab Has Two Chatbots Talk to Each Other (August 29, 2011): Researchers at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab had two chatbots talk to each other.

Creepy Robot Mouth Returns, Sings Japanese Children's Song (July 17, 2011): The robot mouth first creeped out the Internet last year with a video of it making vowel sounds.

Don-8r the Donator Robot (May 6, 2011): This is a cute little robot as well as a clever fundraising concept.

Robot Plays Catch and Makes Coffee (May 3, 2011): Associa GreenA new robot, named Rollin' Justin, can perform two important tasks: playing catch and making coffee.

AquaTablet: The Underwater Robot (October 15, 2010): AQUATablet is a remote-controlled robot that can receive and carry out commands while underwater.

HRP-4 Robot Designed to Perform Menial Labor (September 18, 2010): hrp-4-robot

Robot Mouth Makes Vowel Sounds (April 24, 2010): This video of a robot mouth making vowel noises has emerged on the Internet.

Wu Yulu the Amazing Robot Farmer (January 10, 2009): A Robot inventor and farmer named Wu Yulu once accidentally burnt down his house and plunged his family into debt when he was trying to build one of his robots.

Project Aiko: AI Female Android (December 14, 2008): CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a human and robot love story.

Swarm Bots: The Future of Robotics? (August 9, 2008): Instead of a solitary super-intelligent robot how about a swarm of fairly mindless robots cooperating with other swarm-bots to solve tasks? The BBC reports that swarm robots may someday be used for dangerous Mars missions or dangerous jobs here on Earth.

Big Dog Robots Treks Through Ice and Snow (March 21, 2008): Here's the latest video of Big Dog, the quadraped robot army mule from Boston Dynamics that carries gear.

Robot Moves When Monkey Thinks About Walking (January 16, 2008): This video shows a monkey's brain impulses in the U.

Swarmanoid Project Follows Swarm-bots Project (November 24, 2006): A new project called the Swarmanoid project is building on the earlier Swarm-bots project.

The Printed Robots of Tomorrow (June 26, 2006): An interesting article on OhmyNews looks at the concept of printable robots.

Soldiers Bond With Bomb-defusing Bots (May 23, 2006): A Reuters story says U.

Asimo Robot Can Perform Simple Office Tasks (December 15, 2005): Honda has improved its Asimo robot.

Machine to Overtake Humans on the Internet (November 18, 2005): Humans are quickly being overtaken by bots online and the number of machines using the Internet will eventually overtake human users according to a new UN report called the Internet of Things.

New Magazine for Robot Enthusiasts (October 18, 2005): A new magazine, Robot magazine, has launched to cover the robotics industry.

Fujitsu Begins Limited Sales of Service Bots (September 15, 2005): Gizmag reports that Fujitsu is ready to beging selling a small service robot called enon.

Philips Developing Talking Furniture (July 8, 2005): T3 reports that Philips is developing talking furniture that you can communicate to and talk with.

400 Teams Participating in 2005 Robocup (June 27, 2005): This year, Robocup will take place in Osaka, Japan from July 13-19.