Centr Camera Captures 360 Degree HD Video on Pocket-Sized Device

The Centr Camera captures panoramic video on a pocket-sized device. The camera is circular shaped and has a hole in the middle. The hole enables the camera to be held without its cameras being blocked. The camera weighs 250g (9oz). It can capture 360 degree video with up to 4K panoramic resolution. The camera stitches videos together from four independent HD image sensors. You can view some still panoramic images created with Centr here. Read more... May 5, 2014

AOL Warns of Unauthorized Access to AOL Accounts

AOL has warned of unauthorized access to a significant number of AOL accounts. The company warned previously of a huge spam increase as the result of spoofed emails. The company is now warning that accounts were comprised as well. The company says encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions were among the data taken in the breach. Read more... May 1, 2014

ViewSonic Launches 70-Inch Interactive Display

ViewSonic has started shipping a 70-inch interactive, six-point touch smart display board. The CDE7051-TL has a 1920x1080 HD resolution screen. ViewSonic says the slim design and bezel on the screen eliminate dead angles in a Windows 8 touch environment. Connectivity options include HDMI, USB, VGA and RS-232. It also has an optional internal PC slot. Read more... April 26, 2014

AOL Mail Takes Action to Thwart Major Spoofing Attack

AOL Mail is taking action to attempt to thwart a major spoofing attack. AOL email addresses were not hacked, but they are being spoofed by spammers. The spoofing makes it look like the emails originated from an AOL email address. PC World says some of these spoofed addresses include long-forgotten AOL email addresses from former users. Read more... April 23, 2014

Google to Buy Titan Aerospace

Google is going to buy Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of drones. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook was previously in talks to buy the company before Google stepped in. The purchase price is not known. Titan has about 20 employees and is based in New Mexico. Read more... April 15, 2014

Seagate Releases Its First 6TB Hard Drive

Seagate has released its first 6TB hard drive which it says is the fastest available. Computerworld reports that Seagate's new drive is 28% faster than its 4TB drive. Read more... April 7, 2014

Google Adds Google Translate support for Emoji

Today, April 1st, Google announced Google Translate support for Emoji in Chrome for Android and iOS. The translator converts words into little graphics that people can quickly understand. Google says its expert team is constantly improving the Emoji language. Even URLs, ecommerce and subtitles get translated. Read more... April 1, 2014

Gmail Turns Ten Years Old

Gmail celebrates its tenth birthday today. Google officially launched its email service on April 1, 2004, which was not the best day to launch a product as April Fool's Day has become known as a day of jokes and fake products on the Internet. Gmail has become a huge service despite the Fool's Day launch. Wired says Gmail has completely transformed the web. Wired also notes that Gmail was invite-only until February 2007. For more about Gmail's past, Wikipedia has an entry called the "History of Gmail" here. Read more... April 1, 2014

Google Launches the Google Maps Gallery

Google has launched the Google Maps Gallery, which enables organizations to share and publish maps via the Google Maps Engine. Maps in the gallery are published by Google's cloud infrastructure. The gallery can be found at: Read more... February 28, 2014

China's Web Junkies Recover in Boot Camps

The New York Times did an in-depth report on China's web junkies. The Chinese have boot-camp style treatment centers to help these desperate Internet addicts recover. Most of them seem incredibly miserable. One thing is for sure they are all going to be in great shape if they survive the boot camp. Some Chinese teens became addicted to the Internet in Internet cafes. Read more... February 22, 2014

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