Hackers Steal Data on 100,000 Taxpayers From IRS

Posted on May 26, 2015

The IRS has announced that hackers were able to gain unauthorized access through its "Get Transcript" application. The IRS says the hackers access data on about 100,000 taxpayer accounts.

The data the hackers stole included Social Security information, data of birth and street addresses. The IRS says it will be notifying the taxpayers whose data was compromised. They will also provide a credit watch service for these individuals. The hackers had at least some data about the taxpayers already since the IRS says they were able to answer "several personal verification questions that typically are only known by the taxpayer."

The IRS says it shut down the Get Transcript app last week after identifying the security problem. The IRS says its main computer system is secure.

The AP says the Get Transcript service is a way for people to get copies of old tax returns. The AP says the IRS believes the thieves wanted the tax returns so they can try and file fraudulent tax returns using these people's identities and claim refunds. Take a look:

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