Major Sony Hack Exposes Corporate Data and Films

Posted on December 5, 2014

Sony Pictures Entertainment has been hit hard by a major hack. There are rumors linking the cyberattack to a North Korean group as retaliation for The Interview but nothing has been confirmed. What is clear is that the hack was a major breach for Sony Pictures with passwords, emails, salary information, internal memos and other data exposed. Copies of some current films were also captured during the hack.

CNN is calling the hack the Sony-pocalypse and describing it as one of the worst hack ever. Terabyte of data was stolen in is getting posted publicly on file sharing sites. One of the stolen films in an Annie remake which has not even hit theaters yet. CNN says the film has already been pirated over 278,000 times. Annie is set for release on December 19th. Another leaked film, Fury, is currently in theaters.

Sony Pictures' security is being described as weak. They do not seem like they were well prepared to fend off a serious hack. Gizmodo reports that many important passwords were kept in a folder called passwords. The folder included documents that even contained passwords to the American Express and Amazon accounts of executives.

The Hollywood Reporter says some of the stolen data includes the social security numbers of celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone. THR also says a group named Guardians of Peace has taken credit the massive hack.

Entertainment Tonight says the FBI is involved in the investigation. It is thought the Sony data was exposed through the introduction on malware on its system. The hack is already being estimated to cost Sony billions. Take a look:

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