Yahoo Launches Livetext, a Video Texting App

Posted on August 1, 2015

Yahoo has announced the launch of an interesting new communication app called Livetext. Livetext is a video texting app that lets users stream live video without sound. In other words, it is live video with the audio always muted. The users can text back and forth with messages appearing over the video.

Adam Cahan, Senior Vice President of Video, Design, and Emerging Products, says in a statement, "Every platform shift leads to new forms of communication, driven by our desire to connect and interact in richer ways. We wanted to create a new way to communicate, blending the simplicity of texting with the emotion and immediacy of live video, to make your experience spontaneous and real."

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. We can see this being popular with teens. CNBC says Yahoo is trying to reach millennials with the new app.

Livetext sounds like a useful way to keep in touch. Sound is not always necessary and by seeing a video of a person's face you don't have to worry that a text message will be misunderstood by the receiver.

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