Google's Future Products May Include Operating System

Posted on April 23, 2005

Now one knows exactly what Google is working on but experts speculate that Google is secretly building software for a browser, communication tools and an operating system. A great new article in the Globe and Mail speculates that Google may be working on net communication software tool. It also talks about a Skype-like tool for nearly free web voice communications.

The bigger deal is where the article speculates that Google plans to build an net-based operating system that will dethrone our Microsoft Windows dominated PC world. It says this operating system would run on Google's servers and not on your computer.

Not unlike its e-mail and mapping software, which are entirely Web-based, Google will release an operating system that will be completely networked and centralized on its servers. You will literally no longer need any software running on your local computer (except the Google Web-browser of course, and a network connection). The computing experience will involve booting your computer, logging into the net, and having access to all your programs (and most of your data) which will reside happily in the ether - all protected and secure, we will be assured, by the good god Google.
Eventually, Mathieu Balez, the author of this article called "The Good God Google," think Google will look to dominate home entertainment. The article also speculates about the Google browser. The speculation may have already been put to an end because a blogger spotted the new browser in a server log.

MarketingVox reports that "The manager of SiliconValleyWatcher noticed the appearance of a Google-branded browser in its server log files. While these user agent listings are relatively easily faked, it may be evidence of the long-rumored and long-denied skunkworks project at Google."

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