Flock Browser Works With Web Tools

Posted on November 4, 2005

A new browser was designed to work with popular web tools. Flock is a new open source browser that works in conjunction with del.icio.us, Flickr and other web tools. Flock also works with several blogging tools to help websurfers post to their blogs. A recently Associated Press article discusses more of Flock's features.

Flock also gives you a way to easily tag the online bookmarks to help with sorting and discovery. Instead of placing a link for a site on "Lost" in an arbitrary folder, you can tag it "television," "Lost," and even "ABC."

You can use Flock's "favorites" manager to see only links carrying a certain tag, or you can search through other people's Del.icio.us collections by tag.

Flock also has a number of features meant to help people post to their Web journals, or blogs. A built-in word processor lets you submit entries directly to some of the leading blog services, including Six Apart Ltd.'s TypePad and Google Inc.'s Blogger.

If you come across something you like on the Internet, you can highlight the text, right-click your mouse and select "Blog This." The word processor launches, with the text and a link to the site already filled in. All you need to do is add some comment, a title and click "publish."

Currently Flock is in what is being called a Developer Preview status which is aimed at developers only. It is not recommended for use as your primary browser yet according to Flock's faq.

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