IE7 Will Be Feed Friendly

Posted on August 22, 2005 reports that IE7 will be very feed friendly. A Microsoft's Dean Hachamovitch told InternetNews that IE7 will make it easy for people to find and use RSS and Atom feeds.

"Feeds are like a TiVo for the Internet," said Dean Hachamovitch, head of Microsoft's (Quote, Chart) IE7 team. "With RSS, subscribe replaces browse and search."

The new browser version, released in beta Aug. 3, makes it easy to find, preview and subscribe to feeds in the RSS or Atom formats. A 'feeds' button lets users determine whether a site offers such content. Clicking on the site's various feed buttons shows a preview of how the feed would look in the main browser window.

A search bar is integrated into the preview, so that users can identify how keywords and concepts are used within that content. Users subscribe to feeds by clicking their favorites button. Feed subscriptions are automatically placed in a special section within the favorites list.

Mozilla's Firefox browser already allows people to subscribe to feeds and automatically recognizes when a feed is available. Firefox displays an icon in the bottom right corner of the browser that lets people quickly subscribe to a blog or website's feed.

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