The Next Big Thing: Virtual World Browser?

Posted on October 25, 2006

An interesting article in TCS Daily says the next big thing may actually be the old idea of a virtual world. The article says a team of former Netscape core developers is working on a virtual world browser. The company called Multiverse could help bring virtual worlds to the masses in a similar way that the Netscape browser allowed people to be able to publish content.

Eventually a connected virtual world will be here. Maybe this Multiverse company will be the one that makes it work. There are a growing number of persistent online worlds that are becoming more and more popular but a browser technology that allowed people to freely browse and build on a virtual world would be something new. This also remind us of the VRML browser that has been around for a while. There is also X3D, which is an initiative to leverage 3D as digital media as easily as we do with text and 2D graphics.

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