Cookie Rejection Rates Climbing

Posted on May 25, 2005 reports on a WebTrends study that found cookie decline has soared from less than 3% in January, 2004 to over 12% in April, 2005.

WebTrends said that the percentage of users saying no to third-party cookies has risen four-fold in the past 18 months, from 2.8 percent in January of 2004 to 12.4 percent in April of this year. However, the firm also said that growth seems to have peaked. Some industries are being hit harder than others, with a nearly 17 percent refusal rate in retail, more than 15 percent in telecommunications and 12 percent among media firms.
Adware, spyware and general privacy concerns are the main reason people are deleting and refusing cookies. The problem for web publishers is that cookies help with analyzing web data, tracking ads and affiliate links and offering personalized content to website users. So, this increase in cookie rejection if it continues will cause major headaches for web developers.

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