Google Takes Chrome Out of Beta

Posted on December 12, 2008

It's good when a product doesn't stay in Beta forever and ever. It probably helps to get out of Beta faster when you have so many people using your product. Google says they have already had ten million people download Google Chrome. Google has now taken its Chrome browser out of beta. Google also says they've increase the stability of plug-ins, the browser speed and improved the bookmark manager.

Better stability and performance of plug-ins (particularly video). Video and audio glitches were among the most common bugs fixed during the beta period. If you had problems watching videos with Google Chrome in the past, you should be pleasantly surprised with the performance now.

Even more speed. Google Chrome starts up fast, loads pages quickly, and just keeps getting faster. Since the first beta, the V8 JavaScript engine runs 1.4 times faster on the SunSpider benchmark and 1.5 times faster on the V8 benchmark - and there is more speed to come.

Bookmark manager and privacy controls. We heard you! Better bookmark features were a top request from our users. It's now easier to switch between another browser and Google Chrome with the bookmark import and export features, and we added a new simple way to manage large numbers of bookmarks, too. We also wanted to make it even easier for you to control your browsing data, so all of the features in Google Chrome which affect user privacy are now grouped in one place with detailed explanations for each one.

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