Agloco Reminds Some Bloggers of AllAdvantage

Posted on December 6, 2006

AglocoA website called Agloco is promising to pay you to search the web. Members get paid for running a "Viewbar" on the bottom of their browser and by referring friends. A GigaOM post compares Agloco to AllAdvantage, a pay for surfing scheme that collapsed during the dot com crash in 2000.

TechCrunch also compares this new pay-to-surf site to AllAdvantage. You can catch up on the history of AllAdvantage here on Wikipedia. A VentureBeat article notes that a couple of the people working for Agloco also worked for AllAdvantage. Shawn Collins It is unclear whether or not Agloco will work but it is annoying they spell their name in all caps on their website -- that always looks like spammy shouting to us.

Update: The Agloco dotcom site is no more.

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