Rumors Swirl that Ask Jeeves is Planning a Browser

Posted on February 15, 2005

After all the rumors about a possible Google browser it appears that Ask Jeeves is working with Mozilla on a possible browser concept.

Ask Jeeve's Tuoc Luong discusses a discusses a meeting he had at the office in Mountain View, CA in a recent blog posting. Luong wrote, "We explained that we want to support and leverage Firefox by building extensions to and plug-ins within Firefox. We discussed the fact that it doesn't make sense for us to build a browser from scratch, but we think building Ask specific functionalities on top of Firefox to build an AJ-branded or co-branded browser could make sense in 2005."

CNET reports that Ask Jeeves plug-ins that would work with Firefox are also being considered. Jim Lanzone, the senior vice president of search properties for Ask Jeeves, told CNET, "We already do toolbars and desktop search, so a branded version of a browser is not that far off. If it provided useful functionality that was unique, certain of our 20 million plus users would find that interesting."

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