Inkbunny is a Furry Art Community

Posted on March 8, 2014


The Internet is home to many interesting and unique art sites. Inkbunny is one of the them. The site describes itself as a furry art community.

Inkbunny says it has over 550,000 members. Of these, over 85,000 have been active in the past month. It has over 1.5 million submissions. The art submitted to the site has different ratings. There are also thousands of journal entries and music in addition to the art files.

Some of the artwork on Inkbunny is for sale. Inkbunny says, "At Inkbunny we believe two revolutionary things about selling art; That people want to buy your work even if they can get it for free elsewhere, and that you should not worry too much about piracy of your work."

Inkbunny does not profit from sales made on the site. It says it relies on donations from members to cover costs.

Inkbunny is based in Noord-Holland, NL. It was founded in 2010. You can follow the site on Twitter, @Inkbunny.

Image: Inkbunny