Is Apple Branding Like a Religion

Posted on November 7, 2008

Is branding of big brands like Apple similar to the way people come to believe in a religion? Martin Lindstorm - the author of Buyology - says it is similar to a religion.

Lindstrom says in an interview. "Apple is (as we've proven using neuroscience)...a religion. Not only that--it is a religion based on its communities. Without its core communities, Apple would die--it is already facing strong pressure as the brand simply is becoming too broad (losing) its magic. What's holding it all together is the hundreds if not thousands of communities across the world spreading the passion and creating the myths."

There are definitely those who think Apple can do no wrong and believe Apple will continue to innovate but that's not necessarily the same thing as a religion. Note: There's also a movie being made about Macheads, called Macheads.