Silver Haired Surfers

Posted on February 22, 2007 reports that a significant percent of retired Britons are active surfers or "silver surfers." A recent study found that using the Internet is a favorite pastime of 41 per cent of retired Britons.
The current generation of "silver surfers" spends an average of six hours online each week, research by the insurance company AXA found.

Emailing and online chatting to friends and family was the favourite internet activity of the retired people surveyed, followed by researching information, booking holidays and shopping.

Alison Green, a spokesman at AXA, said: "It is encouraging to see British pensioners embracing technology. The report highlights how pensioners are using the internet to support a less stressful approach to life.

"The potentially arduous task of struggling with the shopping is becoming less of an issue as retired people can simply log onto their computers and select groceries at their leisure."
The study found that silver surfers use the Internet for email (84%), information (83%), buying travel tickets (45%), online banking (35%), news (28%) and keeping up with grandchilden (42%). Maybe that search engine named Cranky has a good idea in targeting seniors.
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