YouTube's Rapid Rise to Internet Stardom

Posted on May 1, 2006

YouTube has become one of the fastest climbing sites on the Internet. The site is home to tons of short video clips, some of which are highly entertaining. The clips submitted include animal videos, pet videos, funny home videos, people lip-synching music, people discussing the news, short comedy clips, video podcasts and much more. The Washington Post reports that, an online video sharing website, has gone from new site to 6 million daily visitors in just five months. The Post story calls the site the Internet's version of America's Funniest Home Videos. The article says the site gets 35,000 video submissions daily.

The Post credits increasingly fast Internet speeds and digital video cameras for the rise of YouTube. The Post says the tech and web giants, including Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft are after YouTube with their own sites. But the Post syas, "YouTube's do-it-yourself popularity, fueled by word of mouth, catapulted the site past its bigger competitors in months. That success is drawing the attention of mainstream media."

"Marketers are already interested in looking at how to invest in it," said Lucian James, president of Agenda Inc., a brand marketing firm. "It comes at a perfect time when brands are looking beyond the 30-second commercial and are looking for new ways to connect to their audience."

Things look pretty rosy for The only risks to their growth appear to be competing video services and copyright issues. YouTube has already had to shorten the maximum video length to ten minutes out of copyright concerns.

Update 5-4-06: The Colbert videos are another example of YouTube being requested to remove videos from its service.

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