All Tech Jobs Outsourced Within 10 Years

Posted on September 6, 2004

There is growing concern about the pace at which U.S. tech jobs are being sent overseas to countries like India. The concern is likely to grow among U.S. tech workers if they read a new article in Rediff.

Kathy Brittain White, former CIO of Cardinal Health and a Forbes Top 25 American Businesswomen, told Rediff "If something is not done in 10 years, every technology job will be overseas."

While her statement sounds extreme, reports and studies indicate that the outsourcing trend will continue growing rapidly as U.S. companies look for cheaper labor overseas in countries like India. Lou Dobbs, the CNN business news anchor, even has a new book out on the outsourcing trend called, Exporting America.

For those who believe that outsourcing high-paying tech jobs will somehow help the United States there are many online forums and sites telling how the job losses are impacting individual workers and creating stress for tech workers that still have jobs. Some of the sites warn tech people that "your job is going to India." There are also some reports of American going to India to get the tech jobs that are now overseas.

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