Another Internet Jihad Threat

Posted on August 25, 2004

Is it possible that a web attack by terrorists could cripple the Internet? The issue is often debated among security experts today with no clear answer as to yes or no. However, for this doomsday situation to actually happen the attack itself would have to be implemented. So far, it seems, all we have is threats found on various websites.

CNET is reporting that an electronic jihad is supposed to start against Israeli websites this week. The threat is behing downplayed by security firms and security experts.

Jose Nazario, a researcher for security company Arbor Networks, told CNET, "There has been a lot of occasions of people saying, 'Hey, let's have a party and deface a lot of Web sites,' and not much has come from it."

Terrorists also use the Internet to share information about what they'd like to do as well as what they are actually planning to do. Some terrorists groups may want to cripple the Internet but currently lack the ability.

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