AOL Launches Open Ride Software

Posted on October 6, 2006

Open Ride from AOL

AOL has launched new Windows software for using the Internet called Open Ride. One cool feature is the multi-tasking Dynasizer tool. The Dynasizer is a display that keeps four windows open on the screen at one time for email, IMs, browsing, etc. The windows automatically resize to your current activity. GigaOM has an explanation of the new software.

OpenRide is essentially a browser that is split into four panes - one each for e-mail (including accounts that are from non-AOL domains,) instant messaging, video and general Web browsing. The software also has a search box, which is tied to AOL search engine. You can playback entertainment content such as videos as well. These panes resize depending on what you are doing - if you are browsing, the browser dominates, and when checking mail, well mail pane takes up a big portion of the screen.
If you have a big enough screen you might find the four panel display useful. Others might find the the four panels seem a little cluttered.

Update: Wikipedia reports that AOL OpenRide lasted for about six months before AOL stopped offering it as a download.

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