Celebs Go Crazy For the Macbook Air

Posted on March 24, 2008

Charlie Rose BruisedTechCrunch reports that Charlie Rose recently took a bad fall and unwisely decided to fall on his face instead of risking damage to the MacBook Air he was carrying. You can see he looks quite bruised up in the screen capture on the right.
Viewers of the Charlie Rose show tonight were stunned to see the normally composed Rose looking like he'd just been in a bar fight. He has a very bad black eye and a bandage over part of his forehead. I contacted the show's producers to hear what happened. Earlier today, they said, Rose tripped in a pothole while walking on 59th Street in Manhattan. He was carrying a newly purchased MacBook Air and made a quick (but ultimately flawed) decision while falling: sacrifice the face, protect the computer. "In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately," they said.
If you are going to fall don't worry about your precious laptop. BuzzFeed found that Rose isn't the only one crazy for the Macbook Air. Lily Allen clutches tightly on to one with a grumpy look as if she will clobber anyone who tries to take it. John Mayer says in a blog post that the Macbook Air is really as cool as it looks. Martha Stewart has also blogged about her Macbook Air calling it a "technological thing of beauty."

Photo: Charlie Rose show

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