Google Denies Google PC Rumors

Posted on January 4, 2006

An story in the L.A. Times said that Google was working on launching a Google PC -- a cheap computer that would be sold at Wal-Mart. The article said the computers would cost around $200. There has been speculation elsewhere that Google will launch something called "Google Cubes." However, both Google and Wal-Mart have now denied the Google PC rumor.

Infoworld says Google's UK reps have told them the L.A. Times story is "wholly inaccurate." Google also told Macworld UK, "We have many PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter that market."

It sounds like the Google PC rumor may be over but it certainly won't end speculation about what the Google monster plans to do next. Google speculation is one of the most popular activities of technology columnists and tech bloggers.

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