Google Irritates Webmasters With SmartTags Clone

Posted on February 20, 2005

Like a bad movie Google has developed a content changing technology similar to Microsoft's SmartTags that caused so much irritation in the web community in 2001. Microsoft's SmartTag's could turn the text on any webpage -- including news stories, articles, book excerpts, online fiction, book reviews, resumes, databases, etc. -- into a Smart Tag link without the permission or knowledge of the creator of the content. Now, Google is trying a similar concept with its AutoLinks addition to its popular toolbar. As with SmartTags, AutoLinks are receiving an unwelcomed response from developers and publishers who want to retain control over their content. AutoLinks can change content on webpages like addresses into Google Map links and ISBN numbers into links. Steve Outing of E-Media Tidbits, writes that some webmasters are "frothing at the mouth" over AutoLinks. Webmasters prefer to set up their own links and would not want Google getting their commissions instead by using AutoLinks technology. Some webmasters are even asking if the AutoLinks technology is spyware. SearchEngineWatch has more information about Google's latest toolbar upgrade.

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