Half of IT Staff Not Needed by 2004

Posted on December 3, 2004

If offshoring is not bad enough news for tech workers rapid advances in technology could also eradicate many U.S. programmer jobs. Forecasts suggest much less tech workers will be needed.

A recent CNET story cites Gartner analyst Donna Scott's prediction that, "over the next 20 years, changes in computing technology will erase the need for much of the work that employs information technology staff today." And that by 2024 "companies will employ half the number of people they do today in these areas."

Hopefully, a robotics boom or some other technology boom will offer engineers and programmers new opportunities outside of data centers. Then again robotics could also take away jobs in some fields. 2024 seems far away now but most tech workers today are still going to need the jobs they have 20 years from now.

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