iKarma Offers Third-Party Customer Feedback

Posted on March 8, 2006

There are lots of websites launching these days. Some experts believe we are in a new boom called Web 2.0. One new website, called iKarma, bills itself as "a third-party service for collecting, managing and promoting your reputation among your customers and contacts." Small businesses and professionals can creae an iKarma page which briefly explains their business or profession. The iKarma system then allows customers to place comments and reviews on the iKarma page. Some small businesses and professionals may be concerned with negative reviews but iKarma says they have made plans for that in their FAQ.

Credibility works both ways. iKarma makes it easy for visitors to your iKarma Profile to judge a poster's credibility by allowing everyone to see other comments left by that poster about others. This diminishes the credibility of the few chronic complainers everyone encounters, which helps to further reinforce the integrity you demonstrate by allowing both good and bad posts and ratings.

iKarma also takes steps to ensure that anonymous posting is minimized by verifying poster email addresses and by recording the date, time and IP address of every feedback post. This limits the impact of the occasional undeserved negative posting.

iKarma may be a good tool for eBay sellers and small merchants to both get noticed and get feedback. iKarma provides a link button that connects the iKarma page to the business owner's website.

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