Laptop Design USA Cuts Deal With Ray Bishop

Posted on September 19, 2007

Ray Bishop

fLaptop Design USA announced in a statement that they have cut a deal with Ray Bishop, a nationally known air-brush artist. The photograph on the right shows an original Ray Bishop 2008 Camaro design applied to a laptop computer, customized by Laptop Design USA.

Peder Blohm, president of Laptop Design USA, says in a statement, "When we saw Ray's work, we recognized its immediate appeal to our clients who want to personalize their computers with a unique design. With our production method, we are the first company in the U.S. to perfectly replicate custom air-brush artwork and apply it to a single unit, a limited edition and even thousands of computers."

Bishop says, "My exclusive agreement with Laptop Design allows my work to be seen by a much wider audience. Computers have a similar appeal to cars, motorcycles and other surfaces, because they aren't like traditional canvases which are only viewed on a limited basis."

Laptop design is a growing trend. There are independent laptop artists as well as firms that will do the work. The design firms that stand out will be the ones with the best artwork -- which is why Laptop Design USA cut a deal with Bishop.

Laptop designs are a unique way for laptop owners to personalize their laptop. There is also laser laptop etching which is growing in popularity. Latop design firms and artists can also add corporate logos and themes to a group of laptops. Towers need art too and you can see some cool gaming towers from Laptop Design USA. If you are an artist then laptop design may be another career avenue for you that you might want to look into.

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