Mega Buzz for Optimus Keyboard

Posted on January 9, 2006

Optimus KeyboardGadget bloggers are going nuts for the Optimus Keyboard, which is due out in early February. A BlogPulse entry describes the growing demand for the funky new keyboard with customizable LED keys.
Everybody in the entire world has been looking disgustedly down at their current keyboards since seeing the Optimus, with its hundreds of keys that are also LED screens, each one of which can be customized to display different things and perform different functions, depending on the program or the operating system. Well, do we even have to tell you that today's top link refers to a rollout date for the Optimus? Can you even contain the unbridled, childlike excitement bubbling up inside you at the prospect of owning such a keyboard?
BlogPulse shows over 2,000 blogs discussing the Optimus Keyboard. Engadget, which covers nearly all gadgets, is one of the many blogs covering the new keyboard. With all this demand are we going to have to start worrying about shortages when the Optimus is released?

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