New XMLs to Follow Success of RSS

Posted on March 18, 2005

A9 logoNew web development tools being built with XML are emerging. Their developers hope to capture the success of RSS, which has helped simplify syndication and has led to the emergence of news aggregators and RSS Feeds. Here are a couple new XML-built tools that have come to our attention.

OpenSearch has been announced by on their search engine. Amazon says OpenSearch is a collection of technologies, all built on top of popular open standards, to allow content providers to publish their search results in a format suitable for syndication. has already put the technology to work with its search engine. Search providers can submit their search technologies to (an OpenSearch Aggreator) using OpenSearch RSS and OpenSearch Description Documents.

Another XML-based technology, called ROR, defines itself as a simple flexible XML format for describing the resources of a resource (e.g. objects of a website, entries of a blog or feed, a list of things, a group of people, a directory, etc). The concept is called structured feed.

There will no doubt continue to be more and more XML technologies released over the next couple years.