Organization Plans PC Turnoff Week

Posted on April 24, 2005

An organization wants you to deny your children access to PCs for a whole week. CNET reports that the PC-Turnoff Organization is trying to get people to turn off their children's computers for a week this summer. From August 1st until August 7th the organization wants parents to deny PC access to their children.

PC-TOO says, "While the computer is a wonderful tool, like many things in children's lives, limits must be set for their own safety and well being. PC-TOO established PC-Turnoff Week to encourage parents to turnoff their children's computer entirely for one whole week during the summer."

A whole week? Good luck trying to turn off your teenager's PC. There are certainly legitimate concerns about very young kids using computers and overuse by older kids. For example, young kids need to learn how to play outdoors, role-play and develop their imaginations away from computers and gaming systems. Older kids have access to a plethora of gadgets so turning off their home PC may not really limit their use of digital communication tools.

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