People Surrender Passwords for Chocolate Study Finds

Posted on April 20, 2004

Over 70% of people are willing to give up passwords for chocolate according to a survey conducted at the Infosecurity Europe trade show and reported by the BBC. Even more disturbing was that 34% of respondents shared their password without even needing to be bribed. The study was conducted on commuters passing through the Liverpool Street station in London. Many of the commuters readily gave up their passwords for chocolate or for no reason at all.

The BBC also reported that in a survey conducted by RSA Security that many people readily admitted their passwords during the survey or revealed their mother's maiden name or a pet's name. People also admitted using the same password for multiple logins.

This is not good security practice at all. Do not use short easy passwords and do not give your password to a stranger even if they offer you some yummy chocolate.

Source: BBC

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