RapLeaf to Offer Third-Party Feedback Service

Posted on April 27, 2006

TechCrunch reports on a new service called RapLeaf that will allow people to leave feedback to anyone that they have made a transaction with. TechCrunch thinks a third-party service like RapLeaf will be in demand because eBay's feedback system is a closed system.

People will probably only leave eBay's feedback system if they are unhappy with it. They aren't going to leave it just because it is a closed system. TechCrunch a says anyone can leave feedback on Rapleaf even if they are not a member. They just need a unique email or phone number. TechCrunch says a person's Rapleaf feedback ratiing is a raw score. You get a "point added for a positive review and a point subtracted for a negative review (just like eBay)."

RapLeaf is not yet live but some screenshots can be seen on the TechCrunch post. iKarma is another third-party feedback system.

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