Software Target Gator Spyware

Posted on September 9, 2003

A software developer, interMute, has launched SpySubtract which can destroy spyware like that provided by Gator. Gator places pop-ups over competitor's ads and on publishers webpages without the publishers permission. Gator is also difficult to remove and sometimes the spyware ad technology is downloaded onto a person's computer without their knowledge. SpySubtract defeats Gator with a tool called Gator Slayer, which deletes Gator instantly when it is downloaded.

CNET has more details about the Gator slaying software here. InterMute CEO Ed English told CNET, "Companies like Gator are the Goliath that the average computer users are up against in the war for online privacy."

English says a lot of computer users are not even aware of adware. Other adware programs include WhenU. They tend to come bundled with other software users download.

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