Survey Finds Centenarians Use Email, Google and Online Dating

Posted on August 11, 2008

100at100 SurveyThe third annual Evercare 100@100 Survey polled 100 centenarians. The poll shifts conventional stereotypes on aging by revealing that some of the oldest Americans are using the latest technologies to keep up and stay close - talking on cell phones, sending emails, "Googling" lost acquaintances, surfing Wikipedia and even online dating.

Here's some of the results from the survey that found some centenarians are web savvy.

  • Surveyed Centenarians are no technophobes: 19 percent say they use cell phones to keep in touch with friends and family. Other technology used to stay in touch includes: e-mail (7 percent), sending or receiving digital photos by email (4 percent), and text messaging (1 percent).
  • Love 2.0: As many Centenarians as Baby Boomers (3 percent) say they have dated someone they met on an online dating site. Twelve percent of Centenarians surveyed say they have used the Internet and some have "Googled" someone they have lost contact with (2 percent) or have visited someone's personal Web site (2 percent).
  • Use the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" (3 percent)
  • Purchased a gift online (3 percent)
  • Used the Internet to research a health topic (2 percent)
  • Have visited a political Web site (2 percent)
  • Have made travel arrangements and plans online (1 percent)

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