The Desk is the PC

Posted on July 21, 2006

Desk is the PC

Michiel van der Kley has a concept design for a desk called the I-Con I that is the personal computer. All the computer components, including wires and hard drive, are contained inside the desk. Michiel explained why he came up with the design.

The design is the result of a personal annoyance for years and years. Almost everybody with a computer has the same problem. An ugly looking skincoloured box under the desk, all kind of ugly wires, all the peripherals like soundsystems, transmitters and so on are annoying too. No matter how nice the desk looks when you buy it, by the time you have everything installed there is not much left of it. A lot of people decide for that reason not to put the PC in the living room.

In the i-Con I everything is integrated. The PC is in the desk. The only thing you see yet is the front of the DVDburner, the adjustable screen and the powercable, coming out of one leg, that's it. All the other things, the motherboard, the harddisk, the wires to and from the screen, the bluetoothhub and other transmitters, all that is in the desk.

It is a great idea that Michiel van der Kley has come up with. It is just a concept now but with shrinking computer components it is feasible to embed the PC into the desk. It would need to be accessible so you can replace and upgrade components and not have to replace the entire desk if you want an upgraded PC.

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