The Flickrs of Video

Posted on November 9, 2005

TechCruch has a post that compares the features of the emerging video tagging tools -- the flickrs of video. Flickr has emerged as the leader in photo sharing and tagging but who will emerge in video? The article mentions these websites:,,, Daily Motion, Grouper, OurMedia, Revver, Vimeo and

Some of these you have seen mentioned here on over the past couple months. In the comments section of the article are a few others including vMix, Vidilife, Seehaha and Vobbo. There is also an interesting discussion group on Yahoo for videobloggers. The videoblogging group, available here, has over 2,000 members. There likely isn't room on the web for all these video sharing players to thrive. It will be interesting to see which ones survive.

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