Turn PCs Off to Save Energy

Posted on November 7, 2005

A new study says computers are wasting a lot of energy. CNET reports that a study by Fujitsu Siemens indicates that a lot of energy could be saved by reminded employees to turn off their PCs at night. Shutting off PCs can also extend the life of the computer and monitors.

CNET quotes British Environment Minister Elliot Morley as saying in June, "Hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide are needlessly produced every year by computers, digital set top boxes, chargers and many other products left on standby mode. We know that products can be designed to be much more efficient and do less harm to the environment. Wasted energy is a hidden cost for consumers and in this day and age that is unacceptable."

An interesting study was also recently conducted by Tufts University. It found out how bad it is for the environment to leave on PCs. Just a few of the many useful tidbits of information on the website are that screen savers to do not conserve energy (the computer needs to be turned off) and flat screen monitors use about 1/3 of the energy of a standard monitor.

An individual computer may not use much energy but there are so many devices that in mass it can add up to lots of energy. Just think of all the computer even at a small company with hundreds of employees.

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