Video iPod Rumors

Posted on October 9, 2005

Reuters has an article that shares rumors of an upcoming video version of the iPod. The article says that AppleInsider is speculating that an October 12th announcement could be a video iPod.
Many analysts have said Apple is all but certain to introduce a version of the No. 1 digital music player that can also play video. Most models of the current iPods, in addition to playing music, can also display photos and perform other functions with accessories that are sold separately.

"There's a whole generation coming up that doesn't have a lot in their checking account but will some day, who think this is a cool idea," said Roger Kay, president of market research firm Endpoint Technology Associates, referring to a video iPod.

"Apple Computer has begun production of a new version of its iPod digital. music player that will be capable of playing videos, AppleInsider has learned," according to a Tuesday post on the AppleInsider Web site. "Sources who claim to have seen the new iPod describe it as being similar to Apple's 60 GB iPod photo player, but several millimeters thinner."

The invitation itself from Apple gave no indication what the announcement might be, but in a separate post on Tuesday on AppleInsider, the site said: "Recent information suggests that Apple may be preparing to introduce a version of its iPod with video capabilities."
Speculation about a video iPod is nothing new. There has been so much speculation in the blogopshere that a video iPod is expected eventually as the next generation of Apple's popular device. They need to make sure any iPod video device does not have the kinks found in the iPod nano.
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