Windows Updates Will Never End

Posted on June 7, 2003

Microsoft is continuously issuing new updates for its Windows and Internet Explorer software. This makes upgrading a never-ending process for the millions of Microsoft software users and IT managers. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for the process Microsoft is currently using so IT departments have to find a way to work it into their daily routing. And personal PC users will have to manage to grab the updates regularly as well.

As long as there are bugs to fix and security holes to patch the updates will continue. This will always be an issue. However, software companies probably need to try and limit the amount of updates users have to endure.

An article at says, "For some, it may seem that Microsoft could find a better way to release updates, rather than delivering a daily wave of service packs, hotfixes and security patches."

A daily wave is a good way to subscribe what it feels like to have to do so many updates but it may be somewhat unavoidable. Aberdeen Group analyst Peter Kastner told the E-Commerce Times, "Whenever a security flaw is found, they fix it as quickly as possible and push it out to the subscriber through a free update service. Would it be easier if they made bug-free code? Sure. And someday the sun will explode."

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