Asimo Robot Can Perform Simple Office Tasks

Posted on December 15, 2005

Photos of Asimo carrying a tray and running

Honda has improved its Asimo robot. The robot can now perform simple office tasks like serving drinks and greeting visitors to a conference room. The names of the guests were preprogrammed and data was transmitted through an IC (integrated circuit) tag.

In a press release, Honda also says the Asimo has improved running functions. The robot can now run at speeds of 6km/hour, an increase from his previous fastest speed of 3km/hour. He can also carry objects using a cart. Honda says, "Asimo is now capable of handling a cart freely while maintaining an appropriate distance from the cart by adjusting the force of its right and left arms to push a cart using the force (kinesthetic) sensor on its wrists."

Honda says it will eventually start leasing Asimo robot, but there is no word if and when Asimo robots will be available for purchase. Honda could make a fortune. Who wouldn't want their own Asimo?

Photos: Honda

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