Chinese Hackers Claim Pentagon Hack

Posted on March 7, 2008

With a message that no website is 100% safe Chinese hackers living in an apartment claim to have hacked a number of websites including the Pentagon. CNN reports these hackers claim to be sometimes secretly funded by the Chinese government.

In fact, they say they are sometimes paid secretly by the Chinese government -- a claim the Beijing government denies.

"No Web site is one hundred percent safe. There are Web sites with high-level security, but there is always a weakness," says Xiao Chen, the leader of this group.

"Xiao Chen" is his online name. Along with his two colleagues, he does not want to reveal his true identity. The three belong to what some Western experts say is a civilian cyber militia in China, launching attacks on government and private Web sites around the world.

If there is a profile of a cyber hacker, these three are straight from central casting -- young and thin, with skin pale from spending too many long nights in front of a computer.

The hackers that CNN talked to also claims to run a hacker website that has 10,000 members. The site offers hacking tools and tricks. If these hackers are for real and they are trying to steal secrets from the Pentagon's website then hopefully the U.S. Military's elite hacker crew will be ready to fire back.

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