ISP News

Third Undersea Cable Damaged in Mideast (February 1, 2008): The Middle East has been suffering from Internet and phone outages ever since two cables were cut offshore from Egypt.

Time Warner to Test Tiered Internet Access Charges (January 18, 2008): The Associated Press is reporting that Time Warner Cable is going to experiment with a new pricing structure for its high-speed Internet access where heavy bandwidth users will be charged more.

AOL Launches Open Ride Software (October 6, 2006): AOL has launched new Windows software for using the Internet called Open Ride.

AOL Offers Free Services in Pursuit of Ad Money (August 7, 2006): In a dramatic switch AOL is freeing up some of its services so that it can garner more advertising revenues.

AOL Considing Offering Free Services to Broadband Subscribers (July 10, 2006): The New York Times reports that AOL is considering to offer a free option to its broadband subscribers.

Higher Fees for Heavy Bandwidth Users? (February 1, 2006): An article from MediaChannel.

U.S. Broadband Expensive and Slow (November 9, 2005): U.

Broadband Growth Slows to a Crawl (September 25, 2005): A article from TechNewsWorld says that the growth of broadband has slowed to a crawl.

Using Your Neighbor's Bandwidth (August 10, 2005): Should you be a cheapskate and piggy-back on your neighbor's broadband connection by secretly connecting to their wireless network? A CNN Money article says that a Jupiter Research study found that 14 percent of wireless network owners have accessed their neighbor's connection.

United States Falling Behind in Broadband (April 14, 2005): 73% of South Koreans have broadband access while 20% of U.

AOL Tries to Keep Subscribers During Broadband Storm (June 1, 2004): USA Today reports that AOL is trying to retain its 24 million of subscribers, despite the lure from new Broadband providers and cheap dial-up services.

Broadband Use Dependent on Income (April 23, 2004): The most affluent Americans are the fastest demographic to switch to broadband internet connections.